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I motivate individuals to be their true selves in their Personal Lives, Careers and Business.

There is nothing worse than living an inauthentic life day in and day out. Not living up to you true potential!

Let's get to know each other...

Daphne Erhart, PsyD, MA is a psychologist, author, speaker, master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, world traveler, lover of people, animals, and nature. With over 25 of experience in the field of psychology, assisting clients of all types and ages ranging from the massively successful to the “criminally insane”, Dr. Daphne thoroughly enjoys helping people transform their lives. She loves to live and help others live a deeply satisfying lifestyle by experiencing new ways of thinking, living, being, and relating.  

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What Others Are Saying

"Like Nothing Else..."

"Dr. Daphne's meditations are like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. If you ever get a chance to participate in her Soul Spa, meditations, books, or retreat or training experiences I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity! It changes you from the inside out by using her formal doctoral training in psychology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, solfeggio frequencies and therapeutic training. Her tools are personalized for my specific needs that I can use at any time to reprogram and nurture my inner self and live the life of my dreams."

Picture of Alexei Musienko

Angela B.

Miami, Florida

"Mental Health is Just as important as mental health..."

"As CEO, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that our employees have healthy mental health. Dr. Daphne’s Soul Spa program has been a positive program for us. Soul Spa’s program taught our employees mediation techniques how to release and manage stress. Meditation was new to many of our employees and they really enjoyed learning about it and practicing it. Several employees reported a positive frame of mind at work after each Soul Spa session. Most companies have a physical health program for employees but neglect mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health.  Employees who are healthy both physically and mentally will be more productive for the company. I highly recommend Dr Daphne and Soul Spa for any company.

Picture of H. Vo

H. Vo

Irvine, California

"Life Changing..."

"Dr. Daphne's self care tools changed my life. She gives you ways to take care of your deepest needs while feeling completely supported to make positive changes in your life. I recommend her program for everyone! By doing just one thing that Dr. Daphne said in her book, "Shrink" I have lost 78 pounds so far! "

Picture of Lauren, Richmond, Virginia

Lauren G.

Richmond, Virginia

"Just love it..."

"So much inside wisdom, and practical knowledge..."

Picture of Alexei Musienko

Alexei M.

Los Angeles, California

"Clearing up the gunk.."

"I have struggled with my health for years, especially with my weight. It wasn’t a lack of knowledge in nutrition or exercise...it was a lack of applying it. Dr. Daphne's insight and knowledge helped me lose almost 100 pounds by clearing up the gunk in my head and my heart. Now I exercise, not because I have to or because I should but because I know I’m worth it. Thank you Dr. Daphne for all you do and all you inspire!...

Alex A.

Phoenix, Arizona

"Bulletproof - Inside and Out..."

"Dr. Daphne breaks down the exact steps that you need to truly become bulletproof - inside and out. She will inspire you to accomplish big things in life, and reach your goals..."

Picture of Nancy, Denver, Colorado

Nancy G.

Denver, Colorado

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