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Become BulletProof, Move  Mountains, And Create a  Revolution Inside Your Body  For The World To See!

I motivate individuals to be their true selves in their Personal Lives, Careers and Business.

There is nothing worse than living an inauthentic life day in and day out. Not living up to you true potential!

SHRINK, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in three categories...

Reals the missing link between wanting to be healthy and achieving extreme, vibrant health - without even feeling like you are trying!

Are you ready to improve your inner game and create lasting change to improve your health and relationships? 

Do you want more energy to live your life’s purpose and be there for your loved ones?

In this book you will learn how to: 

Live a healthy life full of fun and purpose.

Take charge of your own motivation and habits.Choose relationships that help make you radiate with health.

Use life’s tough challenges to propel you forward and make you unstoppable! 

Transforming from the inside-out is the real key to lasting health and fitness!

SHRINK is for the brave souls like you, who truly want to get past the internal baggage and roadblocks that have kept you unhealthy in the past. You will restore your health and live your purpose by taking charge of your internal motivation, thought, emotions, and habits.

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Loved By Many

"Like Nothing Else..."

"Dr. Daphne's meditations are like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. If you ever get a chance to participate in her Soul Spa, meditations, books, or retreat or training experiences I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity!..."

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Miami, Florida

"Not Just for individuals..."

"Several employees reported a positive frame of mind at work after each Soul Spa session. Most companies have a physical health program for employees but neglect mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health...."

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H. Vo.

Irvine, California

"Life Changing..."

"She gives you ways to take care of your deepest needs while feeling completely supported to make positive changes in your life...."

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Richmond, Virginia

Get Her To Swipe Right...

Get Her To Swipe Right is for the good guys who want to understand the female perspective of online dating. It is an easy step by step guide to building your profile and catching the right woman for you! This book is for you if you want a romantic, fun and healthy relationship with the woman of their dreams and are tired of listening to men tell you how to play a game that never seems to work long term.

If you know deep down that you just want to find the love of your life but just need a little help in showing who you really are in a profile, this book is for you. If you want to shop around and believe quantity is better than quality, move on. The skill of marketing yourself in a dating profile is good to get the first few dates.

This book is for you awesome men who need just a little help in selling themselves online so they can get past this phase and move on to a real relationship with the partner of their dreams. YOU are who women really want! I hope this book helps you with the basics of how to present yourself and connect in this digital age. Keep on being your amazing self. The world needs you! I hope by reading this, you learn how to attract your perfect woman and create a life together giving and receiving love and passion with your life partner! Your heart is a powerful magnet to find your perfect match and share lifelong adventures of the heart!

Learn how to: 1. Choose The Perfect Dating Apps For Who You Are Looking For 2. Winning Photos That Attract Your Ideal Woman 3. Choosing A Strong Screen Name 4. How To Introduce Yourself Online 5. Describe Your Dream Partner Into Existence 6. Secrets Essential for Success 7. Flirting and Connecting 8. Move The Connection To Real Life: The Beginnings Of A Lasting Relationship..

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Loved By Many

"Just love it..."

"So much inside, wisdom, and practical knowledge..."

Picture of Alexei Musienko

Alexei M.

Los Angeles, California

"Clearing up the gunk in my head and my heart.."

"Dr. Daphne's insight and knowledge helped me lose almost 100 pounds by clearing up the gunk in my head and my heart. Now I exercise, not because I have to or because I should but because I know I’m worth it. Thank you Dr. Daphne for all you do and all you inspire!..."


Phoenix, Arizona: 

"Bulletproof - Inside and Out..."

"Dr. Daphne breaks down the exact steps that you need to truly become bulletproof - inside and out. She will inspire you to accomplish big things in life, and reach your goals..."

Picture of Nancy, Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado

Parenting Teens That Struggle With Video Games...

Parents struggle to maintain control over the teen’s video games.. Moms and dads find that things can go from bad to worse VERY quickly.

This is YOUR guide to managing and recovering the control of the computer use in your home! The research is here, along with step by step tools and tactics, and a primer on WHY video games affect your children the way they do. Read the stories and solutions from actual parents who have navigated this issue. Get the experts’ advice to guide YOUR next steps. Video Games are often blamed for violent behaviors, delays in development, and using addictive tactics and formulas to keep your child’s attention...but is this actually true?

WHY do children obsess over their games?Does taking the console away actually work as a consequence?IS the game design or content actually the issue?Does this mean my child has addictive tendencies?

To achieve school, friends and video game harmony, this book is YOUR blueprint. Your child’s video game habits won't improve accidentally, it requires purposeful action.Take control of the computer in your home! This book reveals step-by-step instructions and a planning template for your WHOLE family.

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