The Ultimate Soul Gift?

Discover How You Can Move Mountains While Being StressLess

The Ultimate Soul Gift

Discover How You Can Move Mountains While Being Stress-less

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Your Free Gift

How would it feel to satisfy your soul's deepest cravings and make your daydreams your reality? Soul Spa's holistic approach to wellness helps you ignite a revolution within yourself, from the inside out. 

Indulging in a day of self-care and relaxation at a spa is a truly transcendent experience. As you step out of those doors, you're filled with a sense of renewal and contentment that's hard to come by in daily life. Do you remember the last time you felt so alive, so at peace, and so full of joy?

At the core of our being, we all crave these feelings of fulfillment and happiness. And at Dr. Daphne's Soul Spa, true satisfaction comes from aligning your soul with your deepest desires. Take the time to connect with your innermost self, and start living a life that you truly love.

Emerge from Soul Spa fulfilled and unstoppable - ready to flourish, taking on the world with a newfound sense of purpose and passion!

What Everyone Is Saying...

"Like Nothing Else..."

"Dr. Daphne's personalized meditations are like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. If you ever get a chance to participate in her Soul Spa, meditations, books, or retreat or training experiences I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity! 

 It changes you from the inside-out by using her formal doctoral training in psychology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, solfeggio frequencies and therapeutic training.."

Picture of Angela


Miami, Florida

"Employees are more productive..."

"Employees reported a positive frame of mind at work after each Soul Spa session. Most companies have a physical health program for employees but neglect mental health.

Mental health is just as important as physical health because employees who are healthy both physically and mentally will be more productive for the company. I highly recommend Dr Daphne and Soul Spa for any company.."

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H. Vo.

Irvine, California

"Life Changing..."

"She gives you ways to take care of your deepest needs while feeling completely supported to make positive changes in your life. 

By doing just one thing that Dr. Daphne said in her book, "Shrink" I have lost 78 pounds so far!"

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Richmond, Virginia

Check Out Life Changing Meditations ...

One of the most amazing things that I can give you besides working one on one with me are my Specific Custom Life Changing mediations. You can just press "play", close your eyes, and see your life start improving! 

Ready To Press Play And Change My Life!

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Proven ways to live your StessLess Life...

Relax or Die! The Power of Breath Is the Key To Living a Longer StressLess Life.

Breath is vital to life and how often do se forget to breath properly. Is is no secret how stress can KILL you pre immaturely or robe you of the quality of life. What if stoping, taking a moment, taking a conscious breath can make all the difference! As you meditate, be aware of your breath. Is it constricted, fast, shallow, or are you holding your breath? A quick 60 second reset can reset your nervous system by concentrating on the exhale...


Sleep can be your biggest secret to living a StressLess Life!

Our sleep at time can take a back seat to our family, business and life, yet its vitally important part to living a healthy, quality, and stress free LIFE . What is your sleep hygiene? Create a set rhythm at the end of the day that helps your body get into the sleep mode...


The Joy of Surrounding Yourself with Radiant People!

Welcome to a world where incredible souls surround you, uplifting your spirits and infusing each day with joy. Today, inspired by the delightful insights shared in my book, SHRINK, we delve into the profound impact of consciously curating our social circles. Take a moment to reflect on the vibrant 5-10 individuals you interact with most frequently each week as we explore the magic of surrounding yourself with radiance. Get ready to embrace the power of positive connections and embark on a journey that will brighten your path to personal growth and happiness...


Stop Existing, Start Really Living Your Life

It is amazing how often we leave the living of our life, our dreams to "someday". What if you can truly accept who you are. What if you can truly accept where you are in life and accept your dreams with an open heart? Allow yourself to really start living your one precious life, to start taking more chances and start living that dream life NOW even if in just a small way!


Let's get to know each other...

 With over 25 years of experience in the field, Dr. Daphne helps individuals live up to their full potential in their personal lives, careers and business.

Meet Dr. Daphne Erhart - psychologist and author, workshop facilitator, captivating speaker, master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, trainer and world traveler. 

But what truly sets Dr. Daphne apart is her unwavering dedication to helping people transform their lives. Her boundless curiosity and love of people, animals, and nature fuel her passion for exploring new ways of thinking, living, being, and relating. As a world traveler, she draws inspiration from diverse cultures and perspectives, bringing a unique and holistic approach to her work. She has worked with clients from all walks of life, ranging from the massively successful to those struggling with severe mental health challenges.

With her warm, compassionate approach and unparalleled expertise, she is here to help guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, helping you feel deeply satisfied from the inside out that comes from aligning with your truest self.

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Short Daily Meditation

Imagine the profound impact a brief a daily meditation practice can have on the quality of your life. What if just a few moments of intentional mindfulness each day could unlock a world of transformation and well-being? Embrace newfound peace and clarity through the power of this Short Daily Meditation. It's time to take a leap and witness the remarkable difference it can make in your own journey!

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Sleep Meditation

Experience better sleep tonight. What have you got to lose? Simply indulge in this incredible Sleep Meditation just 30 minutes before bedtime and witness the magical transformation in the quality of your sleep. Prepare to embrace a peaceful slumber like never before.

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Book Reading by Dr. Daphne

Age is no barrier when it comes to relishing the enchanting Book Reading sessions by the extraordinary Dr. Daphne. Whether you're young or young at heart, join us for a delightful journey through the pages, where the joy of reading knows no boundaries.


Client Testimonials

With ❤️ from a client:

"Dr. Daphne has given me an amazing amount of knowledge for my life and I now have the clarity and guidance. Thank you for all the help, wisdom, and knowledge!"

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